Friday, September 19, 2014


New Rule - To participate in the Cold Lake Zombie Walk you must be one of the infected, the undead. Undeads must have a minimum of $20.00 in online pledges for our team on the Heart and Stroke Foundation website HERE or purchase an event ticket via Beantrees CafĂ© (tickets will be available there soon!)...OR buy one at the gate.

Pledges / Donations

We're now LIVE to accept team members for our online pledge / donation page on the Heart and Stroke Foundation website. Click on this LINK to join / donate now!

Monday, September 15, 2014

We're Official!

The Cold Lake Zombie Walk is registered as an official fundraising event for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. We're raising the undeads of Cold Lake to RAISE funds and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in this family-friendly "costumed" event. Our zombie horde will lurch, crawl, and stumble down the sidewalks of 50th Avenue during this wicked cool event…with heart. It will be to DIE for.

Why get involved? Well, you and all your ghoulish friends will get to walk around dressed as zombies - right before Halloween. Plus…zombies need the living. The living need healthy hearts. Nuf said.

The bare bones of the event:

Date: October 25th

Location: 50th Avenue, Cold Lake, Alberta.

Time: 3-6pm (registration / meetup at 3pm, walk from 4-5pm, finale at Beantrees Cafe 5-6pm with LIVE entertainment)

Registration: $20.00 gets you in the horde, you can also sign up online to gather pledges. More details soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Brains and Hearts, oh my!

A zombie horde is on its way to Cold Lake. Undeads will be walking to RAISE funds for charity. Details to DIE for....soon.